About Us

Two Girls, One Scoop is authored and maintained by two recently-graduated university students from British Columbia, Canada. We are both from very different parts of the province, but met while studying together on Vancouver Island, and we hold in common a fanatic love of ice cream and sorts of frozen desserts and novelties. Neither of us have worked in an industry related to the manufacture or marketing of ice cream, or food testing, but that has never stopped us from being opinionated!

About B: I am a self-proclaimed nerd, and love spending time playing video games like World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Pokemon; watching movies and documentaries; and reading fantasy literature. I have a degree in English literature and love to geek out about it.  When I'm not at school, or eating ice cream, I like to play field hockey, spend time with my friends, or hang out at home with my two cats.

About J: I am a crafty and knitting nerd, and enjoy Tai Chi and Yoga on the XBox Kinect.  I also love to watch a variety of films, and curl up with a good book and a pot of tea.  I have a degree in Technical Theatre and taught English in Japan for four years.  I love to have adventures and play with kittens.  In fact, I squeal with glee in the presence of many animals, especially baby ones.

We can be contacted by e-mail at: 2girls1scoop(at)gmail(dot)com