Monday, September 12, 2011

We're live!

Hello interwebs! We, J & B, are excited to start sharing our thoughts on ice cream with you!

Why did we start this blog? We're both university students and good friends who both REALLY love ice cream and other frozen treats (even though B is lactose intolerant). There are a lot of really neat ice cream and food review blogs out there - we particularly like On Second Scoop - but the vast majority of them are American, and while all of those tasty treats look delicious, we simply can't buy them here! However, there are a lot of great brands and flavours available here that are not being covered in non-Canadian blogs!

So we are here to add a new voice to the online community of ice cream lovers... and this gives us a really good excuse to eat more ice cream in the name of research!

Happy scooping,

J & B

1 comment:

  1. Love the site! As a hardcore ice cream lover (it would be my final meal if I had the choice), you two have my dream job of testing/reviewing ice cream. I think my personal best is my friend and I finishing a 2 L of Breyers over the course of two movies.

    Hope to see more reviews soon!