Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Review: President's Choice "Pink Lemonade"

 Our first pink ice cream selection in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

The weather is starting to turn chilly, so we decided we wanted a little taste of summer to boost our spirits. What better way to do this than sampling pink lemonade in ice cream form, one of the flavours in the President's Choice ice cream shop line? And yes, it's an ice cream - not a sorbet, a sherbet, or a gelato, an ice cream. Maybe a bit odd for a citrus flavour...but we're curious to see how President's Choice makes this work!
The things you learn when you're blogging: pink lemonade is apparently the same as regular lemonade, except that it is dyed with pink food colouring to sometimes indicate that it is somewhat sweeter. It can also, however, be dyed with natural substances such as grenadine and cranberry juice which will not only sweeten it but also alter the flavour slightly. Thanks wikipedia! The colour of this ice cream is, indeed, pink, almost like a bubblegum or cotton candy pink. It was a bit weird to be eating a citrus dessert of this colour, but not really a big deal. This ice cream was easy to scoop out and almost had a "fluffy" texture, like it had been whipped or something.
In terms of taste, the closest comparison is probably lemon yogurt. J regularly buys lemon yogurt to eat with breakfast or as a snack, so it's a taste we were both familiar with already. Otherwise, the combination of citrus and dairy might have been a bit off-putting. Normally lemon-flavoured frozen desserts take the form of a sorbet or a gelato, which lets the taste of the lemon juice shine through uninhibited - such desserts have a really clean and refreshing flavour. The flavour of PC pink lemonade was refreshing in its own way, but the dairy aspect gave it a certain depth or richness that you wouldn't find in a gelato. It almost tones down the lemon flavour, the way that would add sour cream to a spicy salsa to balance the flavours. If you are expecting the same experience you would get with a lemon gelato or sorbet, you will be initially thrown off when you taste this product, but overall it is a pleasant ice cream.

Recommend to a friend? If you like lemon yogurt, you will most likely enjoy this. This flavour won't be for everyone, but it adds an innovative richness to the array of currently available citrus frozen desserts.
Repurchase? J: Absolutely B: Maybe. I feel like I might be more inclined to purchase lemon yogurt if I were craving this flavour, as I am more partial to the clean, fresh taste you would get in a citrus gelato. But I certainly wouldn't blacklist this one.

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  1. I have tried this icecream for the first time and it's probably the last time I'll get it. the tase was weird and nothing like a pink lemonade! waste of money as well...