Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Review: Mario's Lemon Sorbetto

Being a big fan of citrus flavours, I was excited to try out this lemon sorbet by Mario's, a company that is known for making sorbets and gelatos in the “Italian tradition”. We had already seen some lemon in President's Choice Pink Lemonade ice cream, but this is a chance to try a dairy-free option that is much more juice-based.
The colour of this product is essentially pure white, which suggests an absence of artificial colours. The texture is somewhat similar to the Dorgel gelato we sampled a while back, in that it isn't smooth and creamy but instead more like compacted snow or, more accurately, like a popsicle. Nonetheless, I had little trouble scooping it out for the taste test.
What you will really notice about this flavour is that it is REALLY all about the lemon. It is sweet enough to be enjoyable, but there is a definite tartness and acidity that is ALMOST too much. The flavour is really authentic (as it should be, given the ingredients) and if you like lemon you will appreciate this, but if you don't handle sour things well or you have a sensitive stomach, the acid may be a bit overwhelming. I really enjoyed this flavour, as it was really clean, fresh, and natural, and it had an overall sort of lightness that would make it a great pairing for fruit desserts or to enjoy on its own when you aren't looking for something rich.
Recommend to a friend? If you're a lemon lover, this one will be right up your alley.
Repurchase? Yes

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